Hofmann megamount 501

High productivity for customers who demand the best. That is self-evident for us:

• Pneumatic function of mounting head and mounting shaft

• Pneumatic mounting tool

• 2 clamping cylinders • Clamping adjustable (outside/ inside in inch): 10-20/12-22 or 11-21/13-23 (standard) or 12-22/14-24

• Maximum rim width 13 inches

• Maximum tyre diameter 1000 mm

• Operating pressure limiting device 10 bar

Inflating pressure limiting device 3,5 bar (CE) The competition might not have this:

• Bush mounted column for less wear and tear

• Bead breaker 2,5 tons. Also for the stiffest tyre

Accessories for professional and careful mounting of extreme low profile tyres For all problems the right solution:

• MOUNTING ARM Tiltable forth and back pneumatically.

• MOUNTING SHAFT Extreme rigid construction. Manufactured from precision cast-steel. Pneumatic height adjustment.

• MOUNTING HEAD Optimised profile for high efficiency when working with different dimensions of tyres and rims. Automatically keeping distance off the rim when blocked. Adjustable angle for inclination and rotation.

• BEAD BRAKER Zinc plated high power cylinder 2,5 tons. Special contoured flexible blade for easy, ergonomic working without the risk of damaging tyre or rim.

• CLAMPING SYSTEM Self-centring four jaw chuck with high clamping power. High torque. Two turning directions. Markings for the preselection of the clamping jaws.


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